Gustavo was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador where he still lives with his young family. He is a practicing lawyer and expert in human rights, indigenous law, environmental law, as well as the protection of vulnerable communities. He has worked on several movements to defend the rights of animals and nature, which included serving as a key collaborator to draft the Organic Law of Animal Welfare and significant reforms to the Environmental Law of Ecuador. Gustavo has also provided legal counsel for indigenous leaders persecuted in their struggle to defend their territories, primarily from the pressures of mining exploitation. He also works with the group Jovenes y Punto with the intention of engaging the young population of Quito with current issues of political conjuncture and governance — generating awareness, interest, debate, and active citizenry.

In addition, Gustavo is an experienced actor, clown, and capoeira practitioner who recognizes the power of the arts to create change on both an individual and community level. His experience with Dramatic Adventure Theatre began in 2008 as a Road Manager for ACTion: Ecuador which quickly evolved into a position as Manager of Community Partnerships in Ecuador where he has been faithfully building and maintaining relationships with communities and beneficiaries for over 10 years now. This rewarding experience in community development led Gustavo to take on the responsibility of serving as DAT’s Global Community Partnerships Director in 2016.