Since 2006, we have empowered theatre artists to make a difference with their art, at home and around the world.  Leading the charge for genuine cross-cultural and artistic exchange -- we happily get our hands dirty, share skills, learn new ones, and tell engaging stories that amplify voices often unheard.


Our Mission

Dramatic Adventure Theatre creates opportunities for artists around the world to become intimately involved with distant communities by building platforms where ideas, talents, and original works can be shared.

I have never been more stimulated or creative than I was while abroad with DAT — writing, creating, giving, and learning were priorities and time was no burden; this combination made inspiration flourish.
— Jennifer Robideau, ACTion Actor

What We Value

  • Listening before acting
  • Human to human connection
  • Diverse voices
  • Collaborative storytelling
  • Cross-cultural exchange
  • Experiential travel & learning

What We've Been Up To

- We have travelled with over 300 theatre artists to 9 countries on 4 continents.

- We have created and produced 32 original plays inspired by our work in the field.

- We have taught theatre workshops with over 2000 students in 28 communities and villages around the world.

- In partnership with these communities, we have produced 27 showcases of our students' original work on location for local audiences.

- We have participated in more than 47 international community-designed and led service projects.

- We have produced 6 seasons of Travelogue: a live travel writing storytelling series in NYC.  

- We have developed successful ongoing programs in Ecuador (since season 2, 2007/08), Slovakia (since season 6, 2011/12), and Tanzania (since season 9, 2014/15) where we maintain and grow long-term relationships in multiple regions across each country.



- The Jim Henson Foundation awarded DAT a grant to produce Jason Williamson's A Girl without Wings, which received glowing reviews from The New York Times among other notable sources.

- The American Embassy in Slovakia awarded DAT a grant to produce a cross-cultural workshop performance of Jason Williamson's The Rebel Bird (featuring Slovak, Roma, and US artists).

- The American Embassy in Slovakia also awarded DAT a grant to establish Teaching Artist Residencies with Roma communities in Eastern Slovakia in partnership with ETP Slovensko.

- We have been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center, DC; the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Tanzania; Abingdon Theater, NYC; and Divadlo Andreja Bagara v Nitre, Slovakia.

- We have collaborated with theatre collectives such as Amakhosi Theatre, Zimbabwe; Parapanda Theatre, Tanzania; Patio de Comedias, Ecuador; Teatro la Catanga, Ecuador; IATI Theater, NYC; The Puppet Kitchen, NYC; Run of the Mill Theater, Baltimore; and Slum Dog Theatre, Slovakia.