Creative Treks are designed to allow artists the opportunity to work independently in a foreign environment—both for the inspiration provided by fresh external stimuli as well as the privacy afforded by the refuge of travel. 

Whether you’re a painter or writer, blogger or musician, all artists are encouraged to shape their own experience by implementing the optional lectures, workshops, tours and other location-specific events scheduled during creative trek. This 12 day journey allows artists the chance to take up residency on the road with us while we check in with partners, lay ground plans for future projects, and pursue our own creative endeavors.  Participants are encouraged to take part in as little or as much of DAT’s plans as they’d like, depending upon their own artistic objectives. Daily informal group-workshop sessions will allow artists the option to engage in dialogue with their fellow artists and audiences.

Past Creative Treks have birthed new plays, short story publications, poetry, photography, blogs, photo essays, academic conference presentations, and even a graduate school thesis project.

This project has made me more resourceful. I expanded my photography portfolio as well as my network in NYC. I also have become inspired to create due to the culture.
— Randyll Wendl, Photographer (California)


Creative Trek: Tanzania
June 4, 2015 - June 16, 2015

The 2015 Creative Trek will be held in Tanzania — a stunningly beautiful East African nation marked by its vivid landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and incomparable wildlife reserves.  From the lively streets of Dar es Salaam, to the mud huts of traditional Maasai villages, to the crystal blue waters of Zanzibar, and the teeming Eden that is Selous Game Reserve, artists will experience an authentic taste of Tanzania while working on new and in-progress projects of their own.

Throughout the trek, artists will have the opportunity to share their work with each other, while also taking part in any number of cultural, professional, and leisure activities.  Personal work-time will be punctuated by community service projects with Maasai children, wildlife safaris, historical tours on the spice and slave trade, snorkeling with wild dolphins, exploring Zanzibar’s Stone Town, exchange with local artists, and more.

For more information about Creative Trek: Tanzania and how you might get involved, click HERE.

Who can take part in a Creative Trek?

Each Creative Trek is open to artists of all disciplines who are 18 or older. Ideally artists are either in the midst of a project or desire to create a new project based on this experience. Although you most likely will be working independently, our travelling artists should feel comfortable sharing their work-in-progress and contributing to the optional group discussions.


I want to go!

Excellent!  Send an email of interest to, then submit your application online.


We look forward to hearing from you.