Teaching Artist Residency

The Teaching Artist Residency is a program of intense teaching, language learning, and cultural immersion. Our carefully selected teaching artists are embedded into communities and classrooms in need. There they will make new friends, engage with the culture, study the local language, and bring their own unique talents and skill sets to the classroom. Our teaching artists will lead courses in acting, directing, playwriting, and more.

Rich in young raw talent and overwhelming enthusiasm, but poor in resources, our partner communities and schools will welcome you with open arms. This program is a much needed aid and an incredible boost to our partner's efforts to provide a meaningful arts education. Dramatic Adventure Theatre's Teaching Artist Residency is an opportunity to grow as a teaching artist and make a lasting impact on the lives of young people... and their futures as artists!


Teaching Artist Residency
The Winter Residency in Moldava nad Bodvou
January 7, 2014 - January 28, 2014

This three week residency will send a team of teaching artists to reside in Moldava nad Bodvou, a quaint village in Eastern Slovakia surrounded by medieval castles and not far from the lively city of Košice. There, in collaboration with our partners at ETP Slovensko, these artists will teach theatre to a wide range of Roma youth in the community. With this residency, Dramatic Adventure Theatre will aid in ETP's initiative and help strengthen the Roma voice by providing two weeks of intense theatre training, voluntarily taught by qualified and highly creative theatre artists.

For more information about this Winter Residency and how you might get involved, click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: All residents must be flexible and adaptable as these programs are still in their "pilot" phase.

• Preference will be given to those with experience teaching theatre. Experience teaching ESL is a plus.
• Preference will be given to those with experience teaching/ working in a culture other than their own.
• Must be ready and able to commit to the rigors of adventurous travel for the full duration of this program. Experience abroad is a plus.
• Must have a desire to improve one's foreign langague abilities. Language skills are a plus, but not required.
• Those who have worked with DAT in the past will have a leg up on the competition, however we are always looking to expand our network of traveling artists.

For more information and to schedule an interview, contact Artistic Director, Jesse Baxter, at jessebaxter@dramaticadventure.com. Be sure to attach your résumé to your inquiry email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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