December 30, 2015 - January 19, 2016


This residency will send a team of teaching artists to reside in the least inhabited island of Ecuador's Galápagos archipelago, Floreana. There they will teach english and theatre with our partner school. Although these islands are heavily frequented by tourists and many dollars pour in to their preservation, very few funds are actually directed towards the islands' human inhabitants. Because of this, the infrastructure is weaker than you might expect and local schools offer very little in terms of an arts education. In fact, we have yet to come across a theatre group of any sort based in the Galápagos. With this residency, we will help fill that educational gap by providing two weeks of intense theatre and English training, voluntarily taught by qualified and highly creative theatre artists.



After a successful interview and acceptance into the program, you will attend an orientation meeting to help you best prepare for this experience. That orientation will be followed by 2 teaching prep. workshops in NYC. These workshops will be facilitated by your Residency Director, our Director of Education, and other company members who have also taught and worked where you will be heading. During these teaching prep. workshops, you will get to know your fellow teaching artists, learn new methods, review old techniques, and develop a lesson plan that best utilizes your skills and the skills of your fellow teaching artists.

After celebrating the New Year in Quito, you will head to the Galápagos with your Residency Director & Road Manager/Local Translator.  There you will have the opportunity to explore the island of Santa Cruz before departing for your residency destination on the island of Floreana. After settling in to your home away from home, your road manager will help you get your bearings and introduce you to the school administrators where you will be working. Then you will jump right in, beginning to teach. In essence, you will become faculty at your school, teaching every day for 2 weeks.  You will work with each of your students to develop a final performace piece to be presented at a farewell performance/party for their families. Your students will be your main focus, but you will also have the opportunity to workshop with interested faculty who may wish to continue teaching theatre after you leave. After completing your residency, you will travel to the island of San Cristobal for a bit of well deserved rest and relaxation... and then head home!

A few weeks after returning to NYC, you and your fellow teaching artists will be our guests of honor at a special dinner in celebration of your accomplishments and the completion of your residency.  Then after dinner we will attend Travelogue together, where you will have an opportunity to share a story from your experience on the enchanted islands.


September: Residency interviews
October: Teaching Artist Residents selected (confirmation payment due upon acceptance)
: Orientation, teaching prep. workshop
: Teaching prep. workshop, & final payment due
6: Meet with other DAT artists at Travelogue
December 30: Depart for Ecuador, meet your Road Manager at the airport
December 31: Celebrate New Year's Eve in Quito
January 1: Travel to the island of Santa Cruz in the Galápagos
January 2: Explore this island with your Residency Team
January 3: Travel to the island of Floreana, meet school administrators and tour the facilities
January 4 - 8: First week of teaching
January 9 - 10: Weekend break
January 11 - 15: Second week of teaching, Farewell performance/party
January 16 - 18: Travel to the island of San Cristobal, Decompress and Relax on this laid back island (enjoy a land tour and sea tour of the island)
January 19: Depart for Quito, return to NYC
February (Date TBD): Congratulatory dinner, followed by a special Travelogue (share a story from your trip!)

NOTE: Exact dates are subject to change.  The teaching prep. workshops may change based on the availability of those involved.  Your departure and arrival dates may also vary by a day or two.


Teaching Artists: €2900 EURO/ $3600 USD*
  *DAT Alumni qualify to receive a €150 EURO/ $200 USD ACTion grant to be used towards the cost of participation.

This amount includes:

  • Lodging for all 20 nights in Ecuador
  • Roundtrip flight from Quito to the Galápagos Islands
  • Master level teaching workshops with our Education Director
  • Traveler's insurance
  • All ground transportation, including your airport pickup on January 1st
  • All meals while in Ecuador
  • A tour by land and a tour by sea in San Cristobal
  • And more!

NOTE:  The cost of participation does not include your roundtrip flight to Quito. Please also note that due to the nature of this project, there are no refunds. For a more detailed breakdown, contact

Ready for a dramatic adventure?

We are assembling a select team of 6 teaching artists for this residency.  

  • Preference will be given to those with experience teaching theatre. Experience teaching ESL is a plus.
  • Preference will be given to those with experience teaching/ working in a culture other than their own. 
  • Must be ready and able to commit to the rigors of adventurous travel for the full duration of this program. Experience abroad is a plus.
  • Must have a desire to improve one's foreign langague abilities. Language skills are a plus, but not required. 
  • Those who have worked with DAT in the past will have a leg up on the competition, however we are always looking to expand our network of traveling artists.


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