Flight 360
by Leslie Fields with Mary K. Baxter, Jesse Baxter, Jeremy Feldman, Rachel Martsolf, and Lydia Perez-Carpenter

Performing Arts Marathon 2008
IATI Theater & Red Room, NYC

On our first (extended) Creative Trek to Ecuador, our team traveled across Ecuador teaching theater skills and basic English, offering community aid, laying the groundwork for future work, and developing Flight 360.

Eyes closed, this story begins with a flight.  Lifted from the comforts of home, we find characters beginning a journey that will demand much from them.  Landing somewhere between dream and reality, paradise and poverty, they soon find themselves tested with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  We witness these characters twisting and turning into the wonder of the unknown.  Eyes open, this story ends with a flight.  And although the destination is clearly marked on the ticket, a new world awaits.

Directed by Jesse Baxter

Lighting & Sound Design: Vincent Eaton
Props & Costume Design: Jesse Baxter

Road Manager: Santi Baxter

Featuring Mary K. Baxter, Jeremy Feldman, Rachel Martsolf, and Lydia Perez-Carpenter

Photos by Jesse Baxter  



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