The Ecuador Project

From April 30, 2008

Dramatic Adventure Theatre has returned home from Ecuador! We had an amazing experience and we’d love to update you on all of our adventures. Please stay tuned for more and more accounts of our exciting trip as we spend the next few months reflecting on our time there.

Please comment if you’d like more information about different stories. Feel free to ask for an account from a specific person as well!

Here is the Ecuador Project team:

Jesse Baxter -Director

Leslie Fields- Playwright

Mary K. Redington- Road Manager/Actor

Rachel Martsolf- Actor

Lydia Perez-Carpenter- Actor

for access to Lydia’s Ecuador blog, updated on the ground, please visit:

Jeremy Feldman- Actor

We’re so glad to introduce ourselves to you and we’re all anxious to tell you some great stories about our trip to Ecuador.