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From September 2, 2008

This is a blog for EVERYONE, although, we’re going to start talking about a topic that every WOMEN understands…


We’ve all been in a situation where we needed to use the restroom and there wasn’t a good option near by. Sometimes, you just can’t hold it.

Take Mary-

Mary’s a normal person, she drinks water and then she has to tinkle. Mary found herself in an uncomfortable situation one day while working with school kids in Ecuador. Mary needed to tinkle, and the nearby facilities were not up to… her standards of cleanliness. Let us add- Mary is very sensitive to bad smells, and couldn’t even overcome her sensitivities to use the toilet, so she decided to squat outside. This is the result, tinkle on her shoe.

Unfortunately, Mary forgot something at home. Something that would have saved her the embarrassment of walking around the rest of the day wearing a sprinkle from her tinkle. She forgot her Whiz!www.whizaway.com

The glorious staff at Whiz Freedom had donated this amazing product to Dramatic Adventure Theatre for the trip to Ecuador and the result is this: These four female traveling artists have discovered a product that will be in their lives forever!

Now, unfortunately, Mary was without her beloved Whiz while in Ecuador, but since our return, she hasn’t been without it for one day. Not only has she used it while in the bushes, but she’s also used it many times in her home city of New York.

“You would think a city as big as NY would have proper facilities,” Mary says, “but that’s not always the case. I’ve used my Whiz at port-a-potties and other dirty places, as well as restrooms where there isn’t enough space to sit down comfortably.”

Mary received her Whiz as a birthday gift and used it for 4 months before the team departed for Ecuador, but the rest of the girls took a little warming up.

Lydia was the first one to try. She used in the first week in Quito after we saw an adaptation of The Merchant of Venice. We didn’t think she’d do, she thought it was crazy, but she just bit the bullet, what was the worst that could happen? She’d pee on herself? Oh well. She went for it, and boy is she glad she did!

“When I first looked at my Whiz Easy in my travel backpack, I thought to myself, hmm I don’t think I’ll be using this,” Lydia says. “Sealed in its plastic pouch, the electric purple pee funnel just didn’t seem like something I would have the guts to try. Then, we landed in Ecuador. I thought, I’m adventerous, I’m confident in my womanhood, I can try something daring. So in a little dirty stall in Quito Ecuador, I ventured into new territory — I used my Whiz Easy. Admitedly, it was awkward at first with numerous questions and experiments to achieve the utmost efficiency. But with a few days, I felt like a pro. That little purple plastic wonder not only saved me from the tiny, shockingly unsanitized stalls of the cities, but more importantly, the countless variety of rainforest ground critters (particularly the Amazonian bullet ants whose bites apparently feel akin to a bulletwound). I have indeed entered a new phase of womanhood when I can pee like a man! Thanks Whiz Easy”

Leslie, with her WHIZ, on a hike in Mindo

Leslie was the next one to try. It took her until Quilotoa, three and a half weeks in. We were walking the mile or so it took to get to the school where we working. A group of girls went off the road a bit to relieve themselves. Leslie tried to use her Whiz, but just couldn’t take the idea of standing up. What if she peed all over her pants? She’d have to spend the rest of the day in them. She decided to squat. Later that day, she went for it, and not a moment too soon.

“I was apprehensive at first. I approached the use of this seemingly innocuous purple funnel with the same trepidation as one would exercise when jumping off a cliff or, say, confronting a gorilla. So much so, that I braved the dirty bathrooms, covered in germs—exposed my bare ass for the entire world to see whilst squatting amidst unknown plants, burrs, twigs in an unfamiliar country.

“When I found myself working with school children in the Andes mountains, where plumbing and running water (being a new fangled and recent edition to the community) made taking a tinkle an everyday battle with all that is germ-ey and unhygienic in this world. (That’s right, it was just like any other school in the world; kids just don’t flush…or wash their hands!) Though I was nervous at first, I realized, as I felt the warm liquid slide through the (very sanitary) whiz ez funnel in one perfect stream into the gaping hole of an Andean toilet, that it was the best invention ever and my new best friend. From that point on I carried mywhiz ez as a badge of honor. Whether in my bag walking through the streets of the capital or in my back pocket during a trek through the jungle, I was never without my plastic, purple friend. In fact, now that I am back in New York City, I find myself seriously considering carrying the whiz around on a Friday or Saturday when confronted with odiously long lines at the Ladies bathrooms. How easy would it be to just jump into the men’s line!” – Leslie

Rachel was the last one to experiment with her Whiz. Although she carried it with her everyday, it wasn’t until the Galapagos, on Isla Isabella, a whopping FIVE-WEEKS into our trip, when Rachel finally bit the bullet and tried out this crazy contraption.

“I decided to go for it and use my whiz easy after getting off a really bumpy boat ride. I walked down a planked path until I got to a secluded bridge and to my utter amazement, I succeeded in peeing off the side of the bridge without taking any of my clothes off. I try not to think about all the times I could have made my life easier with the whiz, and I try only instead to think about how happy I am to have it in my future.”- Rachel

Although it took a little getting used to, the girls had an amazing time with their Whiz Freedoms and are so grateful to everyone at the company for donating them and for supporting our project.

Thanks Whiz Freedom!

OOOOH, I just found a BONUS (Jonas). Here’s one of Mary using the WHIZ over the side of a boat:

when you've got to go, you've got to go!

when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go!