Happy International Volunteer Day!

Since DAT’s founding, 6 years ago, we have worked with over 120 volunteer theatre artists who have rolled up their sleeves and made a difference on 3 continents, in 13 communities, and with 1000’s of kids!

DAT’s volunteer theatre artists have generously shared their talents with kids in need around the world — teaching theatrical tools that grow self-confidence and empower individual and collective voices (building stronger artists, students, and citizens).  While immersed in communities abroad, our volunteer theatre artists jump at the opportunity to get their hands dirty on community service projects (aka “minga”) that make immediate practical differences — getting involved with projects such as repairing solar panels, cleaning litter, digging landfills, collecting item donations, painting walls & murals, refurbishing buildings, repairing motorcycles, building outhouses, planting trees, and much more!  And to top it all off, our volunteer theatre artists have created 15 original plays and shared these pieces with our audiences back home — to help connect distant communities, raise awareness, and encourage change.

All of this has only been possible because of the passion of DAT’s international volunteers, who have personally funded or fundraised every dollar of every project… raising over $300,000 in the process (and in the midst of the great recession no less)!!

So, today we say thank you to our international volunteers and our volunteer administrative team in NYC.  Thank you all! 


If you would like to get involved with DAT’s next project and make a difference in Europe’s Roma ‘gypsy’ community, then check out ACTion: Heart of Europe.

Reblog: New York Theatre in Stara Lubovna


The members of Dramatic Adventure Theatre led by Jesse Baxter visited the Community Center in Stara Lubovna on Wednesday January 4th, 2012. During their visit, they worked with children of different ages and also with teenagers. The mission of this New York Company is to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and provide the artists as well as the distant communities with an opportunity to develop their creativity and express themselves through dramatic art. More about Dramatic Adventure Theatre at: http://www.dramaticadventure.com

Workshop that they prepared for the children was aimed at developing the imagination of the children, understanding various patterns of behavior and playing role models in different situations. The children also learned team work and reviewed basic numbers and body parts in English.

All of the participants were eager to join the activities and they can´t wait for the next visit of the New York Theatre.

NOTE FROM DAT: We thoroughly enjoyed working with this energetic group of Roma youth and are thrilled to have connected with ETP.   We look forward to returning to the Stara Lubovna Community Center in Slovakia soon!  Details to come.

OLD BLOG: Welcome to Harare, by Lisa

From November 18, 2007

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OLD BLOG: Welcome to Harare ,by Lisa
(our welcome to the country and preparing for our first workshop)

Hey everyone -

Hope all of you are good! Just a quick update from Harare, Zimbabwe. It’s been a crazy ride! After 16 hours on flights, separated by 12 hours in London, we finally arrived in Zimbabwe. Surprisingly, we had no trouble getting through customs, but were rather treated with extra respect and quickly courted through to the arrivals hall where we were met by Sindah, our host from the Brethren in Christ Church (BICC) – the overseer of all BICC churches in Harare. Sindah carried a huge sign with “JESSE” written on it.

He took us to his flat where his wife had made a delicious african meal 101 (americanized, but still with the traditional “sadza” which is the staple here – a thick porridge made from corn meal). Sindah lives in a small 2 bedroom flat with his wife and their two daughters. The living room was crammed with huge couches, a tv, and a large dining table in one corner – everything too big for the space. Because of the limited space, we’re not staying with him, but with families in the suburbs who have also been very welcoming.

I don’t have time to write about all of my impressions so far right now, but they have been overwhelming and I am filling pages after pages in my journal. The people here are so friendly!

Tonight we have our first workshop – about 50 people have shown interest, but according to Zimbabwean customs that could mean that anywhere between 5 and 100 people show up! REgardless, it will be very interesting and we’ve worked out a program that will hopefully make them excited about theater and playwriting.

Ok.. no more time, but tomorrow we leave Harare for more adventures in the country side – I’m sure we’ll see an entirely different zimbabwe there!

lots of love,
:) Lisa