In Search of Scottish Volunteers & Partners

Dramatic Adventure Theatre is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with our latest original production, “A Girl Without Wings”.

Our Resident Playwright, Jason Williamson, crafted “A Girl Without Wings” on the ground in Ecuador.  It’s a modern riff on an ancient story, told with puppets!  It’s the story of a girl and a condor, an Andean myth meets indie love story. It’s a piece we’re all very proud of and excited to share.  (More to come!)

We will be in Edinburgh from roughly July 27 to Aug. 20 (exact dates are still being determined). And in true DAT fashion, we want to make the most of our time in Scotland. 

So, to strengthen our impact, we are putting together a team of Edinburgh based collaborators, volunteers, and partners!

Here is what we are hoping to find/ accomplish:

We would like to connect with a local arts school and, or a local school that is struggling to provide an arts education for its students. We would like to offer free theatre workshops for interested students. (And we would love to teach those classes in collaboration with a few Edinburgh based theatre artists.) We realize that it will be summer, which is why we would like to connect with a school now and arrange something special.

We would also love to connect and collaborate with a charitable organization in Edinburgh that is doing positive work in the community. Based on the content of our play, I would love it if this organization provided clothes or shoes for families in need as we hope to gather shoes to donate.  A grief based organization could also be an appropriate match.  This could be a great opportunity for DAT to help raise awareness for this charity.

We would also love to connect with Edinburgh theatre artists based in Edinburgh.  We would love to workshop together, share techniques, ideas, etc..  And we would love to have a band of local theatre artists join us as we reach out to the community.

We need help promoting our play, finding unique and effective ways to drive audiences to see this piece which is suitable for all ages. We are looking for local radio/tv personalities, journalists, bloggers, and just plain folks (on social networks) to share the work that we do within their circles of influence in Edinburgh.

We are looking for volunteers to join our street team to help us post posters and hand out postcards, flyers, and finger puppets during the festival. This team will also help us brainstorm unique ways to reach out to potential audience.

We would also love to arrange homestays. We will have aproximately 14 artists traveling with us and could easily pair off into 7 different homestays, for example. This is a great way for Dramatic Adventure Theatre to save money, but it’s also one of the quickest ways to build strong friendships. And of course, our homestay hosts would then have new friends in NYC that they could potentially stay with on their travels. This kind of exchange is very important to us as a company and will really enrich everyone’s experience in Edinburgh!

Perhaps you could connect us with individuals who might be willing to help out in certain aspects of this project.  And perhaps you would want to get involved in some way.

Let us know if you would like to get involved or if you have any questions.

Making a difference together,

Jesse Baxter
Artistic Director of Dramatic Adventure Theatre