Uncle Tim

From August 15, 2008

I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU from the DAT team to our wonderful Translator/ Friend/ Guide/ Brother/ Problem Solver/ Crazy Uncle Tim!

Tim traveled with us throughout Ecuador, planning things, helping us talk to people, solving many a “crisis”, and just plain being fun to hang out with.

He popped into our trip and kept popping up, saving the day, for the whole 2 months we were in the country.

So, let’s try this on for size:

Muchas Gracias Timateo. Tu eres el mejor persona para ayudar nuestro grupo por todo tiempo estamos en el pais de Ecuador. Muchas Gracias por tu presencia en nuestro grupo. Te quierimos, y nada persona mas de Maria! Tu eres me hermano favorito, muchas gracias!

Hope that was correct! Thank you again so so much!

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