From August 30, 2007

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The Dramatic Adventure Theatre team is back in the US. We had a hard time posting blogs while in Zimbabwe. So, over the next few days we’ll be posting some blogs we wish we could have posted. Here’s a blog we wanted to post on the 4th of July:

Salybonani from a freezing cold Buluwayo…!

We definitely didn’t believe that it actually would be cold here, despite our research and all the warnings. But for future reference – it is definitely a possibility. There’s a snow storm in Johannesburg, SA at the moment, and the left over cold winds seem to be passing straight through Buluwayo!

But we’re staying warm, by keeping busy! We are currently working with Amakhosi theater, which is essentially the national theater of Zimbabwe and it is amazing to be here. The group of kids we’re working with now are very talented and love to clown around – their improvisations are often hilarious! It’s great to see how they have bonded as a team – they are so supportive of each other and always up for participating in whatever crazy excercises we come up with. We’re about to start more writing with them and we’re very excited to see what stories come to life!

Names… names is another interesting matter here in Zimbabwe. It’s very common to give names with meanings – If you’re lucky you get a nice one like “Adorable,” “Handsome,” “ThinkGrace,” “Trustworthy,” “Precious,” or “Marvelous!”

The situation is still tough here, and food is scarce. The line for bread is now about an hour long and you’re lucky if you get more than a loaf. People literally cue around the block to get some. There’s no sugar, flour, oil, corn flour and close to no petrol (gas)… All those things are some of the challenges that the people here deal with, but still, their daily lives go on and spirits are somehow kept high.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Happy 4th of July to you all!

(Lisa, Kathleen, Mary, & Jesse)