In Kind Donations

From March 4, 2010

To our wonderful donors:

Thank you so much for your donations last year!

Together we sent over 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) FULL boxes of donations!

We need your help, once again, collecting donations for ACTion: Ecuador 2010.


Medical Supplies (bandages, ointments, first aid kits, old cosmetic bags (6″x8″ approximately) to make first aid kits, etc.)
Warm Children’s Clothing(we’re collecting all sizes for a new foundation, helping orphans in the Andean region)  


Digital Cameras and memory cards (as many as possible… old, new, it doesn’t matter)
Art and Music Supplies:
Electronic Drums
Yamaha Electronic Organs
Bass, electric and acoustic guitars
DVD equipment
Film Machine
Amplifiers speaker boxes
Microphones (wireless headset)
Digital Projector
Flat and round brushes
Oven Ceramics


Medical Supplies
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Mud Boots or Gators 
(mostly children’s sizes)
SOCKS!!!  Lots of socks 
(mostly children’s sizes)
School Supplies


Gardening Tools (we’re working to replant the endemic species of Galapagos trees):
hand shovels, rakes, clippers
KID SIZE tools
Craft Supplies

Thank you for all of your support!  We hope to take down as much as we did last year, it’s going to be an amazing journey for all of us!

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Fundraising Goal Help- ACTion: Ecuador

From March 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

We’re in full swing getting ready for ACTion: Ecuador 2010.  All you in-kind donors out there, get ready for the new in-kind list, coming in the next few weeks.  We’re talking with community leaders to find out exactly what they’d like us to target (but SOCKS and INSTRUMENTS are going to be huge, so start collecting).  You did a great job last year and we’re looking forward to seeing what we’ll bring again this year.

To ACTion Artists who might be raising funds, and sending them in:

Here are some easy ways to meet your goals. If you have people interested in making credit card donations, I highly recommend collecting them on your own personal “Chip In” page.  It’s really easy to set up, and done through PayPal, so it’s totally safe and secure!

Here is DAT’s ChipIn- great way to get your funds in on time using a credit card.

We are getting so excited!  The casts are really coming together nicely, and play to announce them on March 18th.  Can’t wait to see what you create!

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything at all!

Good Luck,

Mary K

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Truth and Double Dare Pajama Party is MONDAY

From January 24, 2010

Hey all you cats and kitten’s, this is not mom and dad’s fundraiser!  We’re having a Monday night PJ party to raise funds for DAT, part of the proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti!

Here’s the scoop:

A Wild and Childish Open-Mic

It’s like a sleepover…without the sleep & without the over. Dare to do all you didn’t when you were 13. Read your erotic poetry. Bring your guitar. Play the piano. Sing. Dance. Tell the story of a broken heart or how you played the fool. Read your old diary (or someone else’s). Be a player or be a voyeur, but everyone please wear pajamas.

A session of pole-dancing classes on auction… all to benefit Dramatic Adventure Theatre. A portion of proceeds go to Haiti Relief and Development.

$10 door & 2 drink minimum

$5 door & 2 drink minimum if you wear your PJs

100% Non Profit.

Where the heck is it?

The Duplex Piano Bar

61 Christopher Street

New York, NY 10014 US

Hope to see you Monday night!

January 25th, 9:30-midnight

Here’s the link to the facebook invite AND the evite.

ACTion: Ecuador 2010

From November 7, 2009

Are YOU Ready for ACTion?

Jesse and I sure are!  We’re here in beautiful Medellin, Colombia researching a DAT project, but we took the day to reformulate the ACTion pages on the website.  After ACTion ’09, we asked everyone to fill out surveys about things they loved about the ACTion ’09 project and things we should change for next year.  Now that we’re all up to date, let me tell you some of the exciting plans for ACTion:Ecuador 2010.

More time to explore Quito

Quito is the thriving cultural capital of Ecuador.  Jesse and I will be heading there in a few weeks to begin exploring a selection of museums and art exhibits.  Before leaving for Ecuador, you will work with you director and cast to create an itinerary of cultural exploration.  This will 1- get your cast focused pre-trip by beginning to think about how you’d like to approach your work and 2- help you make the most of your time in Quito.

More Masters Classes in Quilotoa

This beautiful Andean community is where you will learn from world renowned teacher, Wolf- etc, the art and history of the mask dance.  Wolf will help us choose our wooden masks by by sharing with us the meaning of each animal or human character and will then help us with a fitting of foam and elastic.

Changes in Quilotoa include a shorter stay (as we finished the community center last year) to enable us more service time in our second week destinations; one-stop-lodging, we will stay together with our casts in conjoined cabins; a mixture of group prepared means; the mask workshop will now include a mask; in addition to mask dance, you will have two more masterclasses led by DAT company members: First the “Teaching Workshop” led by DAT’s Director of Education, Christen Madrazo, in which you will learn teaching techniques DAT’s staff have developed and used in Zimbabwe and Ecuador and have the opportunity to share techniques that you have learned as well.  You will then utilize these teaching skills with Christen’s supervision and guidance in Quilotoa, but then your skills will be put to the test on your second week adventure.  Second the “Playwriting Workshop” with DAT’s Resident Playwright, Jason B. Williamson, who will challenge your cast to create a dynamic piece by teaching you the basics of play structure.  Jason will give you practical skills that you will utilize during your creation process.

More Service in Mindo

Mindo can be a very intense part of the trip, particularly if your cast isn’t far along in the piece, but for many artists last year, Mindo was lacking a key element, more community time.  Christen, the teaching host, has been working with schools in Mindo and the teachers are thrilled to allow us into their classrooms.  Each director will work with Christen to balance rehearsal with school time, and -of course- adventure and relaxation.

More Mindo updates:  Playwright and Dramaturg, Jason B. Williamson will be in Mindo and will work with you and your director to clean the piece, help with polishing and tighten the script and execution.  Artistic Director Jesse Baxter will also be here to help with last minute bumps in the play and to make sure you’re ready for New York City.


We understand that many artists spend a lot of time researching their second week adventure so we’ve added more days to this portion of the trip.  Here are some more improvements we’re making to the second week adventures:

Esmeraldas- The Coast

This years Esmeraldian Adventure will include more teaching and service days and a trip to a new local beach, which will be determined on our next few weeks during the ACTion ’10 preparation.  This section will continue to include a workshop with Hugo Arias Bones, Artistic Director of Esmeraldas based Teatro La Catanga, a theatre company committed to informing the community of social issues through theatre.

La Selva- The Jungle

DAT has had a long and happy relationship with the La Selva Jungle Lodge, a beautiful eco lodge committed to environmental sustainability while sharing while sharing the jungle with nature enthusiasts.  We first found the lodge through their foundation who is working to aid the El Pilche community.  While we will continue to work at this lodge, we will be adding a second lodge to our jungle experience.  This will mean the La Selva artists will fly to Coca, visit one lodge, spend one night at a river hotel in Coca, and travel to a second lodge before flying back to Quito.  Details on this new lodge coming soon.

Galapagos- The Islands

During our last trip to San Cristobal, Galapagos’s oldest inhabited island, we had the great pleasure of working with Hacienda Tranquilla.  In addition to overall community involvement, this amazing foundation is working to reintroduce the islands endemic (natural) species, including the poison apple tree, a main dish for the Galapagos turtle.  More days in the islands allow for more time working with the local and international volunteers, exploring local stories and the island itself by boat, on foot, by truck, and on horseback.

*Note: we will only open 2 of the 16 casts for Galapagos, 12 artists in total, during Groups 1 and 2.

Lagos- The Petrified Forest

This new stop on our ACTion exploration is currently being developed and will only be open to ACTion ’09 alumni.  This years cheapest trip option at $3,000, it will only be open to 2 casts of returning artists (12 actors total.)  Details coming mid-January.

Stay tuned for more updates as Jesse and I travel throughout the country solidifying plans and contacts.

ACTion 09 builds a primary school in Cambodia

From April 13, 2009

Thanks to our wonderful Insurance Provider World Nomads, Dramatic Adventure has been given the opportunity to donate a portion of our travel insurance cost to help with a Cambodian School Project.

The Footprints Network is an alliance of online e-commerce companies making a difference with a solution that supports sustainable poverty alleviation community programs.  Their project to build a primary school in Tial village, Cambodia will cover:

Implementation and monitoring the build of a 3-room school plus teacher’s house, a set of solar-panels and water tank.

Because of the huge number of artists we’re taking with us on this project, we have been able to donate $400 towards this worthy cause!

Please consider World Nomads the next time YOU travel, you can donate up to $7 per person towards Footprints.  As we know very well at DAT, a little bit sure does go a long way!

Contact us for more info

Fundraising Letter Tips

From December 16, 2008

Here are some tips for the ACTion:Ecuador Fundraising Letter:

Make it personal. Unless you’re writing to a company or a philanthropist, chances are you’re asking your family members.  Write a little note to them, tell them whats going on in your life and make it interesting.  Nothing going on besides this?  Find something else, “My sister, Liz, got straight A’s this semester, this is what I’m doing…”.

Send it in the mail. Emails are great, but this is something a little more formal.  Take the time to mail it, and maybe they’ll take the time to look up the website and make a donation.

Don’t just copy/paste. Feel free to use any or all of the information from the form letter, but make sure you read it all of the way through and fix what needs to be added or deleted.

These are all the tips for now, because I want to get this up for everyone.  If there are questions please let me know.

Please feel free to comment and add your own suggestions! :)

Click Here for the Letter

Day 26- a little reflection so far

From October 11, 2008

As I look through my previous posts, they full of “Wow”s and “Great Group”s.  The truth is, every school we talk to, every school that gives us some of their time to talk about this amazing project, each of these schools are right forACTion: Ecuador.  It amazes me each and every time, but I guess it shouldn’t.  This is an exciting project, and the more we talk to people, the more excited WE get about this opportunity!!

What’s most exciting is that all these emerging artists are going to have an opportunity to take part in this.  We’re going to get a chance to work with such outstanding students and new artists from all around the country.  It makes me want to keep working hard and finding new ways to keep these prices down so that more and more artists can have this opportunity.

Jesse and I started this company as actors who wanted to make a difference.  We wanted to teach our skills to people who might not have access to these kinds of ideas.  To tell stories that weren’t being told, weren’t being heard, and build bridges between our home and other communities all over the world.

We had a very noble beginning, but what we’ve gained as artists and as human beings over the last few years has been unmeasurable!  I had no idea the impact we would have and the effect it would have on me.  By meeting with these people in somewhat disenfranchised communities, we’ve grown so much.  We now have such an understanding of the impact this type of work has on the world.

That’s why we’re organizing ACTion:Ecuador! I learned so much while I was in college, much from my classes, but more from meeting my teachers and fellow students, traveling, working, and experiencing.  This is the time to take these risks.  I’ve learned more about myself and who I am as an artist, a human, and who I want to be in these last few years– now we want to share that feeling and knowledge with students and new artists everywhere we can!

We hope that you can find the time to get involved with this or another project like it.  Not only will you meet a huge network of artists who share your interests, but you might also have a life changing experience that will change the way you see yourself and the possibilities of your impact in the world.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported us and our work over the years.  To all of our sponsors, you’re support has been outstanding, but I also want to thank people who have done other things to support DAT.  People who’ve put us up when we’ve come to talk with students, or travel with our show.  People who buy us dinner when we’re in town, or donate products like toothbrushes for us to bring to communities who otherwise wouldn’t have them.  This is what keeps our costs down.  This is how our projects can cost so very little.

Lastly, there’s one group that always get left out during the thanks and I want to take the time now to thank them.  To all the people who say, “wow, this is cool, how did you think of this, I want to go, this is amazing”.  Those are the people who keep US going, pushing, striving to find another way to get more people involved, to share more of this experience with others.  They are our cheerleaders and we can’t thank them enough.

Now go to the website, look at ACTion: Ecuador and what we’ve done previously inEcuador and in Zimbabwe.  Learn about how you can get involved and throw a partyand make a tax deductible donation.  Support our supporters, write comments, cheer us on, sponsor a student or a staff member, come and meet with us somewhere on thecollege tour, tell us your ideas.  And, finally, enjoy our THANK YOU page.

Keep up with the Podcast, our college tour segment is called “Notes from the Road” and is updated every time we talk with a school.

Any questions about ACTion: Ecuador, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to talk about the trip and answer questions from artists, parents, and teachers.