Quito, Quito

From May 9, 2008 

We first landed in Quito, Ecuador on April 30th. Full of excitement, we were unfortunately split up at the airport to stay in different houses… this just couldn’t be! Although we loved our hosts, we wanted more than anything to spend time getting to know these strangers we would be spending 55 days with.

In broken spanish, we told our new Ecuadorian families that we would have to part, and after two nights in the city, moved into the Hostal Rincon Familiar, a place where we would call “home base” for the next two months.

This photos is a night time view from our Quito Home.

And oh, oh, oh-no the RAIN! It rained like clockwork at 2:45p.m. every day, we were caught in the rain everyday for the first four days, that is, until we started learning the pattern.

We visited old sights like The Virgin of Quito (the only image of the virgin that depicts her with wings

The San Francisco historic Monosory and Catholic Art school

Teatro Bolivar

The Basilica (ask nicely and we’ll get a piece from Leslie illustrating her account of being saved from death by a friendly Ecuadorian in the Basilica)

We took some time to meet with Ana, an actor from El Patio de Comedias. We saw a show a few days later and it was very fun to see what’s happening in the theatre world in Ecuador right now. Even though we didn’t speak spanish, we were able to understand the meaning without needing the words, which makes for some wonderful theatre!

We had a great time in Quito and enjoyed stopping there in between everyone of our other adventures. Stay tuned for more!