Managing Director, Mary K, is a published author!

From January 19, 2009

Book Cover

Book Cover

The Managing Director of Dramatic Adventure TheatreMary K. Redington, has been collaborating with 43 other women to publish the book Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life.

The 44 women each wrote a story about a life lesson they’ve experienced along their journey.

Here are what some other authors have said about this book:

“The courage and honesty in each woman’s story is a great example of how wonderful, amazing, stupendous, inspiring, and butt-kicking we women are.”~SHELLY RACHANOW, author What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World?

“These are the compelling voices of our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. If enlightened co-creation is the key to the survival of humanity, these women are the leading lights.”~LEVAR BURTON, Actor/Activist

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, it’s availablehere on

Mary will also be featured in the new book, What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World? by Shelly Rachanow, details coming soon.