In Kind Donations Needed for ACTion: Ecuador

From March 31, 2009

Complete with updates.

We must collect everything for the 2009 project by THURSDAY June 18th.

If you’re in the NYC area, please join us for the Guest Bartending night at Deacon Brodies ( on June 18th from 6-9pm where we will be raising money for last minute donations needs as well as collecting any in-kind donations we still need to take down.

We’d love to see you there!

“Love is not a feeling.  No matter how much you feel, love means nothing when unrelated to action.  Love is action.” ~ Anne Bogart (from her book “And then, you act: Making art in an unpredictable world”… I highly recommend picking up a copy!)

So Artists, let’s start taking ACTION now!
Here’s a list of donation needs.  If you have any of these items or know someone or some company that would be interested in donating any of the following items… then please let me know.

Below is the full list of what we need to bring to these communities.  So, let’s knock out the easy ones first.  Everyone can donate a few pairs of socks, 2 DVDs, some neosporin or tylenol, and an old digital camera. So, get that together and let me know what you have… we will be updating you all with the list of donations as they grow.  Then, let’s start shootin’ down some of these bigger items, like a LCD projector, etc..  Ask around, you never know who has something lying around gathering dust.

This is the list of things we still need.

DVD Library 
(we would like to bring a year’s supply… 52 “entertainment” films and 52 “educational” films in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles… if we each are responsible for 1 entertainment DVD and 1 educational DVD, then we will have more than enough for the community center)
Medical Supplies 
(bandages, ointments, first aid kits, old cosmetic bags (6″x8″ approximately) to make first aid kits, etc.)

Digital Cameras and memory cards 
(as many as possible… old, new, it doesn’t matter)
Art and Music Supplies 
(listed below)

Electronic DrumsYamaha Electronic OrgansPianosSaxophonesClarinetsViolinTrombonesTrumpetsFluteBass, electric and acoustic guitarsRattle PaderGuiroXylophonesDVD equipmentAmplifiersFilm MachineAmplifiers speaker boxesMicrophones (wireless headset)Digital ProjectorCompressorsFlat and round brushesAirbrushesOven Ceramics

Medical Supplies
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Mud Boots or Gators 
(mostly children’s sizes)
SOCKS!!!  Lots of socks 
(mostly children’s sizes) School Supplies

If you have any other items (or access to other items) that are not on this list, but that you think might be great for these various communities… please let me know, I’m sure we can add it to the pile!

Thanks Team!

~Jesse Baxter

Artistic Director

Dramatic Adventure Theatre

This is what we’ve taken so far!!

Camera Equiptment

Memory Cards (20, assorted sizes)

Digital Camera (9)

Community Center

Dry Erase Board/Projection Screen (or a dry erase board and a projection screen)
LCD Projector 
(and mount)
Surround Sound Speakers 
(or something comparable)
DVD Player

Hand held photo printer

First Aid Materials

Assorted sized bandaids (12 boxes)

Cotton balls (1 bag)

Hydrogen Peroxide (3 bottles)

Rubbing alcohol (2 bottles)

“Secure-Flex” Wrap (1- 3 in.x 2.5 yard roll)

Miscellaneous Medical Supplies (17 people working on it!!)

School Supplies

jumbo crayons ( 4 boxes)

pencil sets (7 sets)

lined paper packages (3 sets)


Art books

Photography books

ESL Books

Art Supplies


Casting Plaster


8MM (Eight Millimeter)

American Dreamz

The Big Bounce

The Brothers McMullen

The Clearing

Death to Smoochy

Hairspray (2007)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (movie #2)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (movie #4)


The Moses Code- the movie




Topsy- Turvy

West Side Story



Planet Earth Collection

Unknown Titled Educational (3 DVD’s)



Boys Shorts (2 pairs)

Boys Shirts (2)

Boys Shoes (0 pairs!)

Boys Socks ( 12 pairs)

Girls Shirts (2)

Girls Shoes (2 pairs)

Girls Socks (15 pairs)


Hygiene Supplies

Toothbrushes (50)

Regular sized toothpaste tubes (10)

Miscellaneous Colgate Donation