Day 2- what are you doing exactly?

From September 17, 2008

College Tour 2008

College Tour 2008

So, it occured to me that some people might not understand what exactly it is we’re doing on this crazy college tour. I want to take a few minutes and explain things…

Basically, Jesse and I are traveling around the country to talk to colleges, universities, faculty and students about the ACTion:Ecuador Project.

ACTion: Ecuador is a 24-day journey and a once in a lifetime opportunity to share what they’re learning about theatre, explore new surroundings and grow as an artist and a human being– all at the same time! ACTion: Ecuador is an exploration of many unique and interesting parts of an intriguing country which just happens to sit on the equator, at the center of the world!

We are traveling around to over 20 cities in over 10 states between now and the end of December. We might be coming to Your Town!

Here are some extras about the trip that people might not know:

~we’re not staying in hotels! In order to save company money and make the trip as inexpensive as possible for students, we are staying with friends, family and couch surfing everywhere we go.

~November 12th-December 12th will be spent on a road trip from Baltimore to California and back.

~We’ll be podcasting once a week to update the status of our trip. We will talk about fun things we’ve seen of done and interesting people we’ve talked to. Of course, we’ll also update you on students and schools who come on board. If you’re not signed up for the PODCAST <- click there and sign up. You’ll find videos from Zimbabwe and Ecuador, as well as College Tour updates.

So click on all the fun links in this blog:

ACTion:EcuadorCollege TourPodcast, DAT

We’re excited to get started and we’ll meet with a school in Boulder CO tomorrow!

Updates soon,

Mary K.