DAT could win it all

From April 15, 2010

It sounds crazy, but we might just pull this off!

We started this company in 2006, and for the past four years we have been working like dogs to make our projects happen! We dream big, that can’t be denied, and our ACTIONS are even bigger.

In 2006, Jesse said, “Let’s take actors to Zimbabwe”… so we did. Then, in 2007, we thought, “How about South America?” we decided on Ecuador, and off we went. In 2008, we thought, “we should do a big project in Ecuador, let’s bring students as well,” so we packed up our bags and traveled the country meeting students from all over and inviting them to travel with us. In 2009, after our first company retreat, we knew, with all this support from these fabulous artists, we could start thinking bigger. We planned another ACTion: Ecuador project, as well as a return trip to Zimbabwe. When we heard about this Pepsi Grant, we knew it was also time for our first American Based project, and we all agreed, Louisiana was the place to do it.

I have tears in my eyes, thinking about this new project. What an honor it will be to have the chance to volunteer our teaching HERE on our home soil.

One of the best things to come out of our work abroad is the connection we are able to make between the schools and the local art groups. It’s interesting to me that oftentimes, those two communities don’t intersect. For example, after working at Amakhosi Theater in Zimbabwe, the artists were so surprised to see all the interested children who signed up for our free workshop. (Sadly, we had to turn kids away because there were just SO many of them, and only 7 of us 4/US, 3/ZIM. I hope they were able to start a kids club there after we left, we’ll see when we return in the fall.). This is one thing we hope to accomplish in Louisiana, either utilizing and supporting collaborations which already exsist, OR, to create new collaborations between art groups and local young people.

I was also watching an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night and I started to think about some different service projects we could volunteer for during our time in Louisiana (next March/April).

I guess the point of all of this is to say, that we are ready to do this project. Just like everything else we have put our minds to, this is going to happen. I’m so sad to say, that without the Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant, I don’t know how we are going to fund it!

This company is Grassroots! We have pushed ourselves for the last 4 years, through every project, just with our will to make this happen!!! We need this grant to help us push to another level, and we need your VOTES to get the grant! We’re at #40 right now, and we need to be in the top ten at the end of the month in order to win!

Please vote, and share our story! We are doing great things together, none of this could happen without your love and support!

please vote