Seeking actor for THE REBEL BIRD

Dramatic Adventure Theatre seeks actor for a cross-cultural developmental workshop of THE REBEL BIRD, a new play by resident playwright Jason Williamson. The workshop will take place in Nitra, Slovakia, from June 24 to July 3.  DAT Associate Artistic Director Kathleen Amshoff directs a cast of American and Slovak actors, with musical contributions by members of Slumdog Theater from Moldava, Slovakia. 

Dramatic Adventure Theatre will provide roundtrip airfare, accommodation and food for the week in Slovakia. Auditions will take place by appointment, between now and May 1st. 


White male.  Late 20's-30's.  A rapid speaking intellectual, with a sharp sense of humor and a malevolent streak.  Though he’s from a working class background, Aiden got obscenely rich while still young.  His early success has left him manic and empty­, with a special brand of sadism that’s tinged with childlike wonder.

Yeva is a Roma woman from Slovakia imprisoned in the seediest of Prague brothels.  Her only comfort is singing the songs of her childhood with her brothers, who appear from her memory as a live Roma band.  When Jones, the intuitive henchman of an American millionaire, hears her voice, he offers her a way out of her miserable existence.  He’ll take her away to Manhattan as long as she becomes the perfect Carmen for his boss Aiden, who’s obsessed with owning his own version of Bizet’s tempestuous heroine. Tensions grow as Yeva begins to rebel against Aiden’s plans and as feelings grow between her and Jones, until a fateful trip to the Metropolitan Opera hurtles them all to the inevitable.


Combining the music of Bizet with that of a live Roma band, THE REBEL BIRD is a unique theatrical piece that explores the impact of prejudice, poverty, and human trafficking on the Roma people.  

To submit, please send headshot and resume to