Teaching Artist Residency
ACTion: Ecuador
24 day journey through the mountains, cities, islands, and rainforests of Ecuador. 

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This project is an opportunity to:

• Explore diverse cultures and terrain

• Engage with local communities through service projects

• Empower local youth through theatrical education (acting and playwriting)

• Workshop with local artists and theatre companies

• Learn from guest lecturers at on-site universities

• Collaborate with professional artists on devised theatre pieces

• Perform original pieces in Manhattan

Ready for a
dramatic adventure?
This is what you can expect:
Start the adventure in Ecuador’s vibrant capital city: Quito, a maze of Spanish colonial splendor set in the shadows of jagged volcanic peaks. Nestled in its narrow, winding streets you’ll discover Quito’s ornate golden churches, the UNESCO world heritage sights of historic old town, and the cosmopolitan nightlife of Mariscal. Diving deeper than the average tourist, you’ll take in a show at one of Quito’s innovative theatre companies and a lecture at a local university, before beginning your own devised theatrical process with director-led rehearsals and workshops with DAT’s resident playwright. You’ll also prepare for upcoming service work with teaching artist workshops and other DAT training sessions, all on-site in one of the most spellbinding cities in the world.

For more information about Quito via Wikipedia, click HERE.

After a breathtaking ride through the steep cliffs, patchwork fields, and misty peaks of the high Andes, you’ll reach the remote Quechuan village of Quilotoa. Driving through the rainbow gate of this unique indigenous town is like stepping through a portal in time. Descendants of the Incas, the people of Quilotoa speak Quechuan as a first language, wear traditional ponchos and fedoras, and earn most of their living through shepherding, farming, and the making of traditional crafts. While in town, you’ll teach theatre to local children; learn the art of Andean mask dancing; continue to devise and rehearse with your cast; probably make friends with a llama or two; and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty that surrounds the village (which rests 13,000 feet above sea level). You’ll also explore Quilotoa’s crown jewel: a gorgeous, cobalt-blue crater lake -- a place to which you’ll always long to return.

For more information about Quilotoa via Wikipedia, click HERE.
Choose your own (dramatic) adventure

Leave behind the patchwork fields of the Andes Mountains and settle into one of three communities: the enchanted island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos, the vibrant city of Esmeraldas along the Pacific coast, or a small Amazonian village deep within La Selva (or Jungle). Working closely with our partners, each cast will engage in a series of workshops with local youth designed to facilitate the process of writing, directing, and performing original theatre pieces for their community. In addition, casts will have the opportunity to engage in other types of service work, depending upon the unique needs of each community.

The choice is yours; where will you make a difference?

. Esmeraldas     
The thriving hub of Afro-Ecuadorian culture, the city of Esmeraldas boasts a people found nowhere else in Ecuador or the world. Since 1533, when its first residents swam to shore from a sinking slave ship, Esmeraldas has been a vivacious melting pot of African, indigenous, and Spanish culture. Whether it’s enjoying live marimba music on the beach, fresh ceviche straight from the sea, or the colorful life of the city’s teeming streets, Esmeraldas is a place you won’t soon forget. While continuing to rehearse your devised piece, your cast will also teach local students at the Bellas Artes school for the arts and workshop with local socio-political theatre group, Teatro la Catanga. No trip to Esmeraldas would be complete without a getaway to the nearby beach paradise of Sua. This quaint village is “sleepy” in all the right ways. It’s the perfect place to recharge for the final leg of your journey as you grab some sun while laying in the sand, or grab some shade while swinging in a hammock (both scenarios preferably accompanied by a fresh-sliced coconut in your hand).

For more information about Esmeraldas via Wikipedia, click HERE.
. La Selva       
By far the most adventurous of ACTion’s second week options, this trip will take you into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, which locals simply call “La Selva, or “the forest.” While immersing yourself in the giant trees and winding rivers of the Amazon, you’ll also be working directly with our partner organization, the Wishi Project. This organization serves the indigenous Shuar community of Wishi, where it provides the only source of formal education to the children of the isolated village. The Wishi Project’s goal is to help preserve traditional culture by making the Shuar language, music, and dance an essential part of the curriculum, while also teaching the skills children need to have a meaningful relationship with the modern world. In Wishi, you’ll sleep as the natives do in bamboo huts with aluminum roofs, cook on campfires, and eat fresh fish caught from the stream. While this trip will also include a getaway to a larger Amazonian hub for any of a number of recreational activities--hiking, white water rafting, canyoning, viewing local wild life--the “La Selva” experience is designed for those who are looking to get off the map, get their hands dirty, and make a difference.

For more information about La Selva via Wikipedia, click HERE.
. Galapagos       
It’s easy to see why Charles Darwin and so many after him have been inspired and entranced by the Galapagos Islands. It’s a place of truly gigantic land tortoises, sea birds with bright blue feet, and sea lions who’ll waddle right up to you to start a conversation (better brush up on your Sea Lion). It’s a place where the black rocks of a volcanic beach will seem to move, but then when you blink your eyes you’ll realize the beach is actually teeming with the black bodies of sea iguanas. (Don’t worry. They’re harmless!) While in the enchanted isles you’ll spend most of your time on San Cristobal, where you’ll teach local children and also work with Hacienda Tranquila to help reforest endangered highland trees. Group excursions will include a truck tour that explores an impressive crater lake, a visit to the giant tortoise breeding center La Galapaguera, snorkeling with sharks and sea lions, and relaxing on the white sands of a secluded beach.

For more information about the Galapagos via Wikipedia, click HERE.

After your challenging second week in Ecuador, you’ll be thankful to arrive in the peaceful town of Mindo. This charming village is nestled in a tranquil cloud forest, where brilliant hummingbirds, bright butterflies, and exotic flowers shine from dense dripping leaves. Your time in Mindo will be spent in intensive rehearsals with your director as you rehearse, polish your devised piece, and perform it for the first time for a local crowd. It won’t be all work and no play, however. While in Mindo you’ll also have a chance to zip-line, hike, river-tube, dance in street fiestas, visit an orchid farm, and swim under the pounding, crystal clear water of any of the town’s seven gorgeous waterfalls. You may even get a chance to attend what will probably be your very first “frog concert” (it’s a Mindo thing).

For more information about Mindo via Wikipedia, click HERE.

Complete your Ecuadorian trek with a day in the bustling market town of Otavalo, an ancient Andean crossroads that today boasts one of Ecuador’s largest markets for traditional crafts (and just about any-thing else you can imagine). Have fun haggling with the locals for that perfect souvenir, before sharing a final group toast and preparing for your journey home. (Warning: you will not want to leave.)

For more information about Otavalo via Wikipedia, click HERE.

A showcase of inspired creativity.

All participants of ACTion: Ecuador will return to NYC to reunite with their fellow traveling artists and to both rehearse and perform their final pieces in Manhattan. This festival of short plays is designed to celebrate the spirit of adventure. The work of each cast will reflect their unique experiences in Ecuador and bring awareness to the explored regions. The NYC festival offers the opportunity to showcase your work for the NYC theatre community and is also a great opportunity for interested artists to interview for future staff positions with DAT.

For more information about ACTion Fest, click HERE.

Currently seeking actors
Dramatic Adventure Theatre is carefully selecting actors from across the U.S. and around the world to take part in 2014's ACTion: Ecuador project.   DAT is looking for talented actors who have a strong desire to engage with foreign cultures, explore devised theatre, and make a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of youth across Ecuador.

Actors will be strategically placed in a cast based on their skill sets, availability, and our particular casting needs.
Each cast will consist of one director, one road manager/translator, and approximately six actors.


When is this happening?
Actors will travel June 10 - July 3
Actors must also be available for a week of festival performances in NYC: July 5 - 13

Cost of participation
Actors: $3950* USD if you choose the Esmeraldas or La Selva experience and $4950* USD if you choose the Galapagos.
. *DAT Alumni qualify to receive a $200 USD ACTion grant to be used towards the cost of participation.

This amount includes:
• Full round-trip flight from NYC (and other select cities) to Quito
• Lodging for all 23 nights in Ecuador
• A month of traveler's insurance
• All ground transportation
• All scheduled activities, including workshops with master teachers (your days are full!)
• A daily food per diem (to cover all meals in Ecuador)
• An authentic Andean Mask (of your choosing)
• And more!

NOTE: The cost of participation does not include any expenses in NYC. Please also note that due to the nature of this project, there are no refunds. For a more detailed breakdown, contact Executive Director Mary K. - maryk@dramaticadventure.com


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